Hangzhou is one the most beautiful cities in China, but what's actually attracting viral interest now among a billion Chinese is the cutest duo from Hangzhou: a firefighter and the kitten he rescued. Their photos have lit up a virtual fire among Chinese internet sites.

In the afternoon of August 4, Ye Hao-Jie, a firefighter at the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, noticed a scared little kitten stuck in a tall tree right outside the fire squadron station. He quickly climbed up to rescue the little kitten. Perhaps it was fate, but it was certainly serendipitous, that a reporter happened to pass by and took photos of the incident. After the photos were posted online, the response was immediate and viral. The virtual fire started by the cute photos simply cannot be doused as people react to and comment on how cute the kitten is, and many are clamoring to know more about the cute firefighter.

In a follow-up interview, Ye (now the cutest firefighter in China) expressed surprise about the viral photos. He said he doesn't pay attention to Weibo (the site where his photos were posted.)

He's named the little kitten, Miao Meng, for "Meow Cutie" and has gotten the permission to keep him at the balcony on top of the squadron station. The kitten is so young that it doesn't even have teeth yet. Ye said he thought the kitten was injured at first, but realized later that he was just too scared to get down after climbing up the tree.

Now we come to the important stats that many Chinese netizens have been wanting to find out:

Ye is only 20 years old, 5-feet and 10-inches tall, and weighs 154 pounds. His blood type is A and his zodiac sign is Scorpio. He does not have a girlfriend yet. He likes Lehom Wang because of his great songs and looks. He also likes Korean star Rain. When told that there are many girls interested in making friends with him, he said he hasn't really thought about what he wanted in a girlfriend, but "only that the girl must have a kind heart and loves animals," just like he does. (I think that's casting a pretty wide net, don't you agree?)

His most important wish right now is to find a good home for Miao Meng, and he hopes whoever adopts the kitten will stay in touch with him to send him the cat's photos and news. (I hope he's ready for a long line of applicants!)

(Photos credit Weibo)