Donghae of Super Junior recently held a photoshoot as well as an interview with Elle Girl magazine.  He showed his honesty and passion through his answers to the questions thrown his way. Recently you had a project group with member Eunhyuk.  How was it to be on stage just the two of you? It was great.  The song ‘Oppa Has Arrived‘ was a song made for concerts.  I wanted to do disco, and thus we made the song. The fans loved it so we made a project group and promoted it for about a month. Guys seem to love being called oppa, do you feel the same? Before I did not really care but now, I like it a lot.  Haha. The number of Twitter followers you have recently topped 1 million. There is not many things I can do for fans outside of making an album or going on shows.  That is why I tweet a lot so fans can know what I am up to. Read more on Allkpop.