There's no denying that Kim Hee Chul and Puff Guo make an adorably hilarious pair as "husband and wife" in the DramaFever exclusive We Got Married, Global Edition Season 2, and here are recent photos Hee Chul posted that prove it.

In a caption for the bunny ear selca with Puff, Hee Chul wrote, “I am out having fun with my wife. This hairband reminds me of six years ago when FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki wore a dog hat and I wore a rabbit hat.”

On this Instagram photo he wrote, "“Look, everyone! I’m on a date with a real woman, not a 2D cardboard cutout! We look like a newlywed couple from the '80s in this photo. Also like we have a couple's hairstyle. If I keep being patient, my hair will be longer than Xue Fu^-^ Gain strength! My dirty thoughts and hair," which refers to a Korean joke that says you must have a lot of dirty thoughts if your hair grows quickly.

Hee Chul even posted a fun video of them on his Instagram.

I just love watching this awkward and cute couple overcome their language and cultural differences as "man and wife." It's no surprise that the show ranked in at #3 on DramaFever's Weekly Top 10 this week. Hee Chul and Puff's costars SHINee's Key and Yagi Arisa are also ridiculously adorable together, and the time just goes by way too fast when watching this show. I can't wait for the new episode each week, and only wish there were more than one. If you aren't watching it yet, you won't regret checking it out HERE!