In Oh My VenusHenry, the Chinese-Canadian singer of Super Junior-M, plays So Ji Sub's American buddy. So why did he say it hasn't been easy to work with the charming superstar? Is the pressure mental or physical?

During the press conference for Oh My Venus held on November 11, Henry said So Ji Sub has made it difficult for him to look good in front of his seniors. 

“I’ve been having a hard time due to So Ji Sub. He tends to arrive at the set one hour before the filming. In the beginning, I arrived ten minutes in advance, but So Ji Sub was already sitting at the set,” Henry explained.

Furthermore, he said, “Even when I was 20 or 30 minutes early, So Ji Sub would be there, so once I arrived at the set 50 minutes before the filming. That’s when we arrived at the same time.”

So Ji Sub made everyone laugh when he replied to Henry, "I’ll get there a little later from now on."

Perhaps there's more than just the arrival time that is pressuring Henry.

Check out this video where So Ji Sub and Henry engage in some tough boxing matches. Are they just warming up for a scene? So Ji Sub certainly looked like he didn't withhold his strong punches and kicks as Henry fell back into the wall.

The Rocky theme is really fun to listen to with this video.

So Ji Sub's physical condition certainly looks great after hitting the gym hard to train for the new drama.

Are you ready for Oh My Venus? I know I can't wait!

~ NancyZdramaland

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