Fans of the drama Just You may be crying over Guo Xue Fu (Puff Guo)'s pending marriage to someone other than Aaron Yan. It turns out that Puff Guo has been confirmed to "marry" Super Junior's Kim Heechul in the new We Got Married, Global edition.

After it was announced that Heechul of Super Junior will join the popular Korean show We Got Married Global Edition's season 2, there had been several days of swirling speculation and rumors about which actress would be selected as his bride for the show. Puff's name was mentioned, but she actually denied it was going to be her. It has now been confirmed that Puff Guo is the mysterious non-Korean actress who will be paired with Heechul.

Puff Guo is the popular Taiwanese actress in DramaFever audience's favorite, Just You. She is also one of the three-girl singer group, Dream Girls. She had great chemistry with her leading man Aaron Yan in Just You, and they've continued a warm friendship after the show. However, she is now paired with Heechul and fans of both stars will surely be anxiously waiting to see how they will get along.

Apparently, shooting started on Jan 14th, with official photos released on Jan 15th that showed Puff and Heechul filming in Seoul. The two of them are having fun practicing how to communicate. It's particularly interesting that one has red hair and the other has orange hair. The production team said, “Kim Heechul and Guo Xue Fu filmed their first meeting at Gyeonggi-do’s Nami Island. Their first meeting was like a couple that was in love, and they showed great chemistry with each other.”

In the first season of We Got Married - Global Edition, Ok Taecyeon was paired with another Taiwanese actress, Wu Ying Jie. Will DramaFever show the second season? Let's hope so. I can't wait to see Puff Guo and Hee Chul together and also read about possible jealousy from Aaron Yan.