Super Junior are now Super Heroes! At least, they dressed up as Super Heroes (and a villain) in the picture Yesung tweeted of nine of the members. The group just returned from South America after wrapping up a successful tour. The boys surprised everyone at the airport by returning to South Korea in super hero costumes.

Sungmin was dressed as Huo Yuanjia in Jet Li's Fearless, Kyu Hyun as Loki from Thor, Donghae as Iron Man, Siwon as Captain America, Ryeowook as Spiderman, Eunhyuk as Wolverine, Shingdong as the Hulk, Kangin as Thor himself and finally, Henry as Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

Now we know why Donghae randomly posted a photo of himself dressed as Iron Man, coinciding with Robert Downey Jr.'s visit earlier this month.

Here's a video of the super heroes landing back home:

Who's your favorite Super Junior Super Hero?

(Source: @shfly3424)