by KrisE: Hey everyone I’m back and with my first Kpop review. I'm no stranger to kpop, in fact im like an expert; seriously I dare you to test me (muahaha). Anyway for all those non Kpop fans or for the fans who took a trip to another planet and totally dont know whats going on: yesterday Super Junior released their latest music video for their new song “Sexy,Free and Single.” Now when I think of “Sexy, Free and Single,” images of clubs, nice suits, totally F4 styled out guys come to mind, sooooo I was a little thrown off by what SuJu gave me. I’m not saying the mv was totally horrible! I’m just saying it was really umm different o_0 Ok sooo! I loved how the video opened with Donghae because to me he's like the total definition of the song title, especially when he was dancing with the half zipped leather moto jacket and no shirt underneath! I was like "YES YOU ARE SEXY!" Then Eunhyuk was given two short dance solos which I thought was really awesome since he's such a great dancer and I never get tired  of watching him bust a move. I also really loved the leather stud and spiked jacket he was wearing during his first solo; he totally killed it and how sharp was his freakin jaw line! Did you all see that?! I really loved Ryeowook (Wookie so cute!!) throughout the whole video, and maybe its just me but Yesung looked really different! Honestly, to me Yesung always had the biggest head in the world and I really don't know why, but it actually looked normal this time. Maybe he lost a few pounds or his new haircut isn't as layered like it usually is? (If he's your bias haha don't get mad at me! He's cute, he just has a giant head that's all I’m saying!)  


The group dance wasn't anything special, I mean it was signature SuJu so I didn't have an issue with it. I really liked the white set with the spotlights and white outfits. Leeteuk as usual looked amazing, especially during his little solo dance and I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE KANGIN!!! I missed him so much!

Also signature SuJu, was the whole scene with them in suits walking across the set practically out of the screen and into my living room! That to me was the best scene in the whole mv.


Now I have to say I really like the song,I've been listening to it non stop but the overall video concept was just lame and here's why. 1. I felt like SuJu took a trip to EXO PLANET and raided EXO’s freakin closet and decided that wasn't enough and went after the stage and lights. 2.  I really liked that both Siwon and Leeteuk decided shirts weren't cool enough for this video; but I wish the look didn't remind me so much of Daesung’s style in “Fantastic Baby.”


BIG BANG's Daesung

3. I don't even wanna talk about Shindongs hair or the fact Sungmin took headbands and spikes to a level I dont even wanna attempt to visit -_-  But whyyyy!??!? Whyyyyy didn't they upgrade Kyuhyuns look?!?! At least a different shade of brown hair color! Anything would have been better than that blossoming leather collar thing around his neck! I was seriously perplexed and still am because I just don't understand it o_0 4. I was so happy to see all the guys lined up and posing in their suits because they all looked so chic and I’m like "OK this is the end of the video"BUT NO! It kept going and that's when I was just like “Nooooo theyyyy did not steal AGAIN!” They totally did! Swear to gawwd! Suddenly it was like I was magically watching SHINee’s “Lucifer” mv with the whole in air surf jumping with lights action going on.  


  5. Finally my 5th and most important reason as to why I felt this video was lame and this reason is totally personal but I'm sharing it with all of you so dont judge me!! My SuJu bias Kim Heechul wasn't apart of it.*cries* I mean really, how can you release Sexy, Free and Single without Heechul and his pervy lip licking, smirking, and barely attempted dance moves!? Let me know what you all thought of SuJu’s new mv in the comment box below. K Kisses! KrisE   Follow me @k_kisses_krise