Super Junior's Donghae shared a photo to his Instagram on June 2 with the message, "ELF, congratulations on your 9th birthday. I like writing letters, so I decided to write a letter to you all. Please take care of me in the future as well. Don't get sick, eat well, and laugh a lot. I love you."

In the letter, he writes:

"To my dear ELF. I sincerely thank you on your 9th birthday! It's already been 9 years since we've walked together. A lot of things have happened, right? We cried together, laughed together, stayed by each other's side, and comforted each other during rough times. Super Junior can never do without ELF. It was nice meeting you at first, and I was thankful the more we got close. I don't want to leave you when I think back on all the happy times we've had together. I hope we love each other more like there's no tomorrow. I hope we stick by each other's side and fill in each other's flaws. I love you."

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency released the list of candidates who have passed the 330th selection examination for conscripted policemen, and it included the name Lee Donghae early in May. SM Entertainment confirmed that it was indeed Super Junior's Lee Donghae who passed the conscripted policeman selection process, but was quick to point out that Donghae's enlistment is still not finalized.

Watch Super Junior's Lee Donghae in his drama Skip Beat: