Super Junior Kangin Before and After

O.M.G Kangin looks amazing! Now, if you are a hardcore Super Junior fan then you know Kangin has always been bigger than the rest of the members, excluding Shindong. He's always been more muscular and at one point a few years ago, he revealed that he had been bigger than Shindong. Well, last April Kangin was discharged from the military and he had obviously gained a few pounds, and looked heavier than what fans were used to. However, even being heavier he was still handsome!

Kangin Weight

Right after being discharged, he joined the rest of SuJu for the MV Sexy, Free, and Single, and he looked like this...

Kangin Sexy Free and Single

Now he just tweeted a photo from South America and his face is everything! He lost so much weight and his jaw line is amazing!

Kangin Slim

So of course like a fiend after seeing that photo I had to find more of his hotness!

Kangin weight loss

Kangin Weight loss

He looks amazing, but how do you prefer him? Do you like the heavier Kangin or the slimmer Kangin? KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE