Super Junior member Kangin recently told a story which teaches us all what not to do when a police officer pulls us over.

Here's Kangin's explanation of the thrilling event: "When I was heading to the hotel after the concert, I was about to urinate on my pants, so I hurried the driver to go fast. A police car chased after us, so we had to pull over the car. Then I jumped out of the car and relieved myself. Then, a police officer came up to me and pointed a gun at me. I had to explain the situation while I couldn't zip my pants."

So the lesson of this tale is simple: Don't speed, and don't move out of your car when you get pulled over by the police. It's kind of hilarious if you try to imagine Kangin relieving himself at the same time as an officer appears and pulls a gun out on him. His aim had to waver slightly. Ha!

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Now let me put you in this fun situation. If you had to use the bathroom badly to the point of speeding just like Kangin had to and were pulled over, would you have held it the best you could, given up and wet your pants in your seat, or jumped out just as Kangin did?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE