Recently, I read an interesting interview where a K-celebrity interviewed another K-celebrity. The interview’s title was "Hee Chul Is Coming." Kim Hee Chul, a member of Super Junior, became the interviewer of Park Shin Hye, who starred in Heirs, for his first interview. What did Park Shin Hye have to say about herself and Heirs? Find out here.

"So, am I going to be a reporter? It will be interesting. There are many people who I want to meet. I will do it. However, am I going to be typing it up myself? I am good at doing that. Haha."

What if an interview had a new format, not the typical one? If the interviewer was a co-star, maybe the celebrity interviewee would share their mind more?

That is the story of how "Hee Chul Is Coming" was born. Calling himself ‘Universe's Big Star,’ Kim Hee Chul from Super Junior has a shield against criticism even when he says whatever he wants on the harsh variety show Ssul Jun.

Sometimes, he is misunderstood because he is too frank, but he has been consistent for 10 years. He surely says what he wants to say regardless of rank, but also he is a star that has consideration for others. He is the person who is close to many celebrities, from an Idol junior Sulli to senior actor Choi Min Soo. When a star has an interview with other stars, there is no one like Kim Hee Chul to be the perfect interviewer.

"It will be funny. Let’s do it. These days, there are many things that I want to try, and many stars that I want to meet as their fan. Ah, you know me, so you should filter out well what I say during an interview. Only 50% of what I say can be used for news. Of course, that 50% is also strong. Haha.”

Kim Hee Chul of distinct individuality, who is a member of the band that is leading K-pop, Super Junior, and an actor, is going to meet stars.

"Hee Chul Is Going" Actress Park Shin Hye

Tada~ The first interview of "Hee Chul Is Going" is coming Soon. Park Shin Hye is the star that I am going to meet today. Actually, she and I are personally acquainted. We used to go to the same hair salon, and met there for the first time. But our acquaintance is not the reason I chose her as my first interviewee^^. She was chosen as a first guest of "Hee Chul Is Going" because she is an outstanding actress who showed her amazing performance in SBS drama Heirs, so I am not going to meet my hair salon mate Shin Hye; I am going to meet Eun Sang from Heirs. Let’s start the interview with actress Park Shin Hye. Here we go!

She is so pretty today. It’s very appropriate attire to meet Universe's Big Star. Haha. So I prepared a party room in a skyscraper to get closer to the universe for our interview. This is the first interview of "Hee Chul Is Going," so I want to get energy from my hometown. Hahaha.

-Kim Hee Chul (Kim): Hi actress Park!

▶Park Shin Hye (Bark): Hello, are you a reporter?

-Kim: Of course. I can type fast. I am not sure how fast I can do it now, but when I was little, I typed 800 syllables a minute.

▶Park: Really?

-Kim: I was always playing games. I must have gotten that high speed from them. Shall we start? Um, how are you these days?

▶Park: After Heirs, I have been happy every day. I went abroad, and I got 3 prizes from SBS Acting Awards 2013 at the end of last year: The Female Excellence Acting Award, 10’s Star Award, and Best Couple Award. Ah! I shot a CF with Geun Suk oppa in China.

-Kim: Geuk Suk? You are close to people who have a similar personality to me. You should have a strong mentality so we can make trouble. Haha.

▶Park: I haven’t made trouble yet. Everything becomes known to people by developed SNS wherever I go. I went to a bowling alley, and during the game it was already known to people that I was there by SNS.

-Kim: Do people take pictures?

▶Park: Not all of them. Wherever I go, what I do is talked about.

-Kim: That must be hard for you. May I let you know how to stop false rumors? This is my way: if someone seems to take my picture and upload it, I will do it faster than them to let my fans know where I am and who is with me.

▶Park: That’s nice. That kind of way.

-Kim: We are losing our point of this conversation. Go back, and talk about a prize. You got many prizes, CF's, and a lot of money, so you are a filial daughter.

▶Park: No way! Am I the only one? You must be one too.

-Kim: I am older than you (I am oppa) but you debuted much faster than me. I made my debut in 2005. You are such a senior in the entertainment field.

▶Park: It was 2003. Don’t say it like that. There was only 2 years between your debut and mine. Be at ease with me. We are not strangers to each other. Haha.

-Kim: Is it? Do you know why I am making irrelevant remarks? Actually, I didn't want to interview you about Heirs. After the drama, you must have been interviewed about Heirs a lot.

▶Park: I like your questions. Actually, I didn't talk about my story that much. Everybody asked me, "How about Young Do? How about Tan?" rather than asking about me or Eun Sang. (Laugh)

-Kim: Then may I ask you a different question? How about Rachel? Is she that pretty?

▶Park: I was going to have a meal with Kim Ji Won (Rachel) but she caught a cold so she is ill in bed.

-Kim: You were about to have a meal with her? You should have told me that kind of news.

▶Park: Come on, why do you act like this again? Rachel really looks like a doll. I can see Kim Tae Hee in her appearance.

-Kim: She does? Does she resemble Kim Tae Hee? But I can’t remember her face well.

▶Park: Have you forgotten a woman’s face?

-Kim: I remember figures well but I forget faces. Ah! I am losing my focus again. Back to Heirs. You used sign language in the drama. Did you learn it for real?

▶Park: I didn't have many scenes where I used it. I practiced with videos of sign language. Kim Mi Kyung, who played Eun Sang’s mother, really practiced it all night long. People who speak by using sign language have a really high speed. Kim Mi Kyung (Eun Sang’s mother) made a great effort to look real.

-Kim: You acted with Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin in Heirs. Who do you want to be your boyfriend? I think you have been asked this kind of question already, so instead, which man is your type between Kang Ha Neul (Lee Hyo Shin) and Kang Min Hyuk (Yoon Chan Young)?

▶Park: I think Chan Young is better. When he played with or teased Bo Na (Krystal), the character was cute. He also took care of what he has to take care of.

-Kim: Who is the one most like me?

▶Park: Hyo Shin. He likes love/hate relationship. Haha. Don’t you like seeing other people fighting each other? By saying "fight, fight"?

-Kim: Um, next question. While you were working on the drama, who did you have more conversations with between Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin?

▶Park: Both of them. Min Ho oppa is accustomed to a good manner. How can I explain? He is manly and has a positive drive, but also has a basic manner for women and humans. He helped people if they carried heavy things. Last time, one of our staff couldn't open a door due to a heavy thing, so he opened the door and waited on her. He wanted nothing, he just did it for the staff.

-Kim: I have done that too, but I kicked a door and ran away because I was shy and embarrassed.

▶Park: That is totally Young Do.

-Kim: I kicked a door before, and the staff member said to me, "Thanks, oppa," so I was shy again, and ran away again. What kind of person is Kim Woo Bin?

▶Park: He is upright. It seems that he is a right-thinking person. Every time I saw him, I thought he had a good upbringing.

-Kim: In the drama field, it seems to be a war of nerves among actors, I think.

▶Park: We didn't. We are of the same age, and are only one or two years apart. Ha Neul, Woo Bin and I are in the middle. On top of us, there was Min Ho oppa. We were on the same wavelength.

-Kim: Wasn't it difficult to act out the scene where you and Rachel slapped each other’s faces?

▶Park: We didn't slap for real. We turned our faces when we swung at each other with our hands.

-Kim: You guys’ acting was fake.

▶Park: We tried to do it with a palm but it didn't work well. I didn't have enough experience to hit someone. And it really seemed to hurt if I hit with my hand for real so I couldn't do it.

-Kim: The drama’s director was a pacifist.

▶Park: Lee Min Ho oppa, who played Tan, was the one who got hit. There was a scene where Tan was slapped across the face, and showed an unyielding front so he couldn't turn his face. There was no way except being slapped for real.

-Kim: Speaking of being slapped, it reminds me of the drama Stairway to Heaven that you starred in. You were slapped a lot in the drama.

▶Park: I was slapped almost thirty times.

-Kim: When you shoot that kind of scene where you get slapped, don’t you hate the director?

▶Park: I haven’t been slapped, even by my mother, so when I am slapped like that, my brain becomes blank.

-Kim: You act well despite the chaos.

▶Park: At that time, the direction in the script was to stare at the step mother after being slapped, glaring at her fiercely. When I was being slapped, I kept a state of attention to read my lines, saying ‘Read the line, read the line’ in my mind.

-Kim: It has been ten years since you debuted as an actress. The same applies to TVXQ.

▶Park: Won’t I get abusive language from TVXQ’s fans?

-Kim: What the hell. You and TVXQ are not rivals.

▶Park: Chang Min from TVXQ’s birthday is the same of mine (February 18). So whenever my birthday comes, his name is on the list of portal sites’ search words. I was born on that day but only his name is on the list (laugh). An actress Kang So Ra was born on the same day in the same year (1990). There are many actresses born in 90. Kang So Ra, Park Bo Young and Go Ah Ra etc.

-Kim: Is Ah Ra twenty-five years old already? She glows a lot. Yes, I am thirty-two years old already.

▶Park: Ah Ra and I are close because we go to the same university (Chung Ang). When she shot Answer Me 1994, we got in touch with each other to say, "I watched your drama well."

-Kim: What do actresses say to each other when they are starring in dramas?

▶Park: We say that your drama is interesting, or other things. We usually talk about shooting sites of dramas. Isn't the site cold? Like that.

-Kim: Women want details. Men are totally different. When Song Joong Ki and I exchange texts, we just send ‘KKK,’ like that. We are ashamed to say what you guys do.

▶Park: Actresses also say, "Hey, my acting is schmoop (Laugh)." But we check and ask each other’s body condition first. "It’s cold. Don’t catch a cold," like that. Cold comes fast to shooting sites. I lived with padding since September while shooting Heirs.

-Kim: There were many schmoop scenes in Heirs. How do you do that kind of acting?

▶Park: I was also ashamed when I read the scripts at first. I had no idea how to act that scene. It was funny at first glance. I laughed a lot because there were many scenes that were too sweet, and my heart fluttered. But it became natural when the time came several times. I felt awkward at first, but it was done naturally later. I got used to it.

-Kim: When I am watching Heirs, I often thought that the girl wasn't the Park Shin Hye who I knew. You were acting and crying. Do tears come out well while you are playing?

▶Park: I have never used eye drops. I am really tense instead. The pressure that I shouldn't make NG is big when there is that kind of scene. I have done that since I was little but I still can’t fix it.

-Kim: Actresses have to pay attention to be pretty even when they are crying.

▶Park: If I do that, I can’t act well, so I cry as usual.

-Kim: But you cry prettily. There are people who I wonder why they cry like that, but you are pretty when you are crying.

▶Park: I am easily moved to tears. I really cry. Sometimes I can’t control my emotion so I cry a lot.

-Kim: However, actors and actresses seem to be scary. They read lines while they are crying.

▶Park: The emotion is in the line. That is Eun Sang’s emotion, not mine. I had lived for four months as Eun Sang so I can’t answer well when I am asked which scene I remember because Eun Sang was me. I lived another person’s life, so I can’t remember well.

-Kim: You and Kim Woo Bin talk to each other in an impolite way. Are you the same age as Woo Bin?

▶Park: Yes. I was born in early of 1990 so I am close to people born in 1989.

-Kim: So Kim Woo Bin and Tae Yeon from Girl’s Generation are the same age. I can hardly imagine it (laugh).

▶Park: Because Tae Yeon looks so young so it can be difficult to imagine.

-Kim: We used to go to the same hair salon when I was a trainee.

▶Park: It was 2003. It was the same hair salon and the same hairdresser. Most of SM’s trainees used to go there.

-Kim: So, we were not in a relationship that became close after saying ‘let’s be friends.’

▶Park: I heard about you a lot from Hong Ki when I starred in a drama with him.

-Kim: He has a good personality. I met him comfortably with alcohol, then we called each other ‘Hyung' (older brother), and 'Dong-sang' (younger sibling).

▶Park: I felt that you and I were close because I heard about you too much. Haha.

-Kim: Yes. You know well what kind of a girl I like.

▶Park: I told you two things: ‘"It’s a waste for her to be with you" or "Oppa, get a life."

-Kim: You said "get a life" eight times out of ten.

▶Park: We hosted SBS Gayo Daejun (end-of-the-year music festival and award ceremony). It was my first time. Yong Hwa's too. You helped me a lot. At that time, oppa didn't talk to me a lot. We met before but you just said to me ‘Ah, yes…’

-Kim: I talk in a polite way to people who I meet while working. Sometimes it becomes fatiguing if there is a personal relationship because I know the people a little bit.

▶Park: When I was active as an MC, I was thankful for Leeteuk from SJ and you. I worked with both, and you guys were so kind and took care of me.

-Kim: My image became better from Shin Hye and Yong Hwa. I did nothing, but Yong Hwa stammered (laugh). At that time, I didn't think that I would host the show well. I thought that I was prettier that Shin Hye on camera (Laugh) because I was good at hosting shows. And then, we met again when I was a public service worker? My personality changed a lot during the time.

▶Park: You became an open minded person, more bright. You used to be haughty before but I can feel that you've become kind and warm.

-Kim: To put it mildly, I was ‘haughty’. I was arrogant (Laugh).

-Kim: You are good at being an MC. Is it difficult for you? Being an MC might be difficult because it is live.

▶Park: I don’t know whether it’s hard or not because I haven't had many experiences with live broadcasting yet. I am trained a little bit from being an MC of some shows that have a concert format. There haven’t been difficult things about it yet. I got a lot of help from many people who have hosted variety shows. Especially Hee Chul oppa, Leeteuk, and Lee Seung Ki who host shows well, so there was no difficult part.

-Kim: You dance sometimes at your fan meetings. Sing a song and dance. What kind of songs do you sing?

▶Park: I usually sing OSTs of dramas. The OST of You’re Beautiful or Heartstrings.

-Kim: I watched those dramas but I don’t know what songs you mean.

▶Park: My voice sounds a little bit different when I act, and sing (Laugh).

-Kim: Then you don’t sing other people’s songs?

▶Park: I sing songs that I've sung, and I sing songs that are popular in other countries where I visit. I sing popular Thai songs in Thailand, Chinese songs in China, Japan and the Philippines. It is the same wherever I visit. Prompters show me the lyrics but I practice a lot in advance. The time is for fans. I am not good at singing it but I try to do better.

-Kim: You haven’t thought of being a singer?

▶Park: No. I stared to act when I was preparing to be a singer.

-Kim: I am shooting We Got Married – Global Edition these days. It will fail if I keep doing what I am doing now.

▶Park: Do you do those things? Pulling out a chair for a woman in a restaurant and taking care of this and that during the meal.

-Kim: Ah, do I have to do those things? I learned a lot from the show. I have lived without any manners. My partner gave me a gift even when the cameras turned off. She has a warm heat but I can’t do those things. While I see what she does for me, I recognize that the way I treat women is wrong.

▶Park: It isn't difficult. When the weather is cold while shooting, you just say, "It’s cold," and give her a hot pack if you have one. If she is wearing a coat, put the hot pack into her pocket.

-Kim: I am the kind of a man who throws a jacket to a women and runs away when the weather is cold because I am so shy. So what kind of a man do you like? For example, there is a man like Si Won from Super Junior. He is always gentle and pulls out a chair for a woman, then he calls a waiter and asks, ‘"What do you want do eat?" When he sends you home, he will ask you, "How was today? Why don’t we do something tomorrow?" And there is another type of man, like me, who doesn't ask you what you are going to eat, and just orders “one Kimchi Jjigae for here. Let’s do this. Let’s eat this." Which man do you prefer?

▶Park: I like the middle of the two men.

-Kim: There is no middle. Si Won, who is a total gentle man? Or a man like me?

▶Park: I like a man who leads me. The reason that most couples fight each other is that men prepare nothing when they meet women, and just ask "What do you want to do today?"

-Kim: But I've heard that I don't show any consideration for women when I say, "Let’s do this and that." Shin Hye likes a tough guy who has charisma.

▶Park: Women like the feeling that they are specially taken care of. The reason they said that you have no consideration might be because you gave the impression that you treated her absentmindedly. If she had felt good when you ask her to do this or that, she would have thought that she was taken care of.

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-Kim: You are called Randy Shin Hye, named after a famous pitcher Randy Johnson in the major league by baseball fans. Will you throw the first ball in the opening game of the pro baseball season if you are asked to?

▶Park: I heard that a new baseball stadium will be built in Gwang Joo. If I am called, I will absolutely go. I am a fan of KIA. I have many worries. KIA’s main players transferred to Han Hwa.

-Kim: You like sports.

▶Park: I watch baseball games, sometimes volleyball games. I prefer playing games to watching them

-Kim: You are totally different than me. I didn't watch the World Cup games. I am not watching the Winter Olympics. My TV is turned off. I usually play games.

▶Park: I use Never Text Intermediary Service or DMB. I watch games when a team that I support seems to win (Laugh). Then it makes me feel good. I enjoy wake boarding and skiing in the summer. Ah, I bought a skateboard. I bought it as my birthday gift to myself. I am stressed out a lot due to work so I get rid of stress by exercising. I enjoy bike-riding, snowboarding and wake boarding in winter or summer. I didn't have a breakthrough. I couldn't stand.

I cried a lot when I was little. Being an actress gave me a hard time but I could tell those things to no one. I was hurt a lot. It became better after I met friends and learned sports dance. I still ride a bike in Han River Park when I feel blue. I hope the warm weather comes earlier so I can exercise outside.

-Kim: You had a tough time when you were little. Who was the one who helped and supported you when you went through that time? Choose one among celebrities.

▶Park: When I was in high school, I had no one because there was a big age gap between me and other cast members. It was not easy to act with other people. Of course, it was difficult for me but at that time, it was really difficult. The age gap was at least 8 years. 12 years was common. I didn’t have a celebrity friend at that time. When I was a high school student, ordinary friends were my energy. After that, the cast who starred in You’re Beautiful with me were a great encouragement to me.

-Kim: You stood your ground among Hong Ki, Geun Suk and Yong Hwa.

▶Park: Yong Hwa was new to the entertainment field and I had known him before because he was active as a child actor. Geun Suk oppa was the same. The mothers of Hong Ki and Geun Suk treated and cared for me well so we became close naturally.

-Kim: You have strong sociability.

▶Park: But characteristically, I can’t be that nice to people I dislike. I don’t see the people no matter how well they treat me. I just say "Ah" or "Yes" because I am uncomfortable with them. I don’t want to cause any harm so I fulfill my duties and say "Ah, yes thank you." However, it only happens once a year.

-Kim: What is your next plan?

▶Park: I am going to shoot the K-film Royal Tailor (tentative) with Han Suk Gyu, Ma Dong Suk, Go Soo and Yoo Yeon Suk, who starred in Answer Me 1994 as Chil Bong.

-Kim: Ah, Dong Suk hyung! I am going to meet him after this interview. We will meet in your parents’ restaurant.

▶Park: Okay, I will set your table (Laugh).