leejihoon kyuhyun

Golden Fishery's Radio Star - aka Ras (ra+s) for short among Koreans -- invited celebrities with the same name to the show. The guests were singer Kim Jung Min & actor Kim Jung Min and singer and actor Lee Ji Hoon and newbie actor Lee Ji Hoon. Like the name Min Ho, Jung Min and Ji Hoon are one of the more common Korean first names.

Kyu Hyun told newbie Lee Ji Hoon that the show writers didn’t recognize him, and pressured him to answer if he got any facial surgery. Lee Ji Hoon said no, and even counterattacked Kyu Hyun by asking him if Kyu Hyun has had any surgery. To this, Kyu Hyun said “Well I... am an honest man,” indirectly admitting that he’s had one. Yoon Jong Shin also added that Kyu Hyun’s high school friends don’t recognize him that well. And Kyu Hyun affirmed this jokingly: “My friends don’t recognize me at all.”