While Super Junior's Choi Siwon was busy filming a new movie in Taiwan, he didn't think twice about stepping into traffic to save a lost dog. His caring action was captured by a passerby and endeared himself to dog lovers in Taiwan and fans everywhere.

Siwon recently arrived in Taiwan to film a new movie, To The Fore, directed by Hong Kong director Dante Lam. While riding in a car driven by his assistant in Kaoshiung where he was training for the film, Siwon noticed a little dog apparently lost and wandering in the rain. Fearing that the dog could get hurt, Siwon jumped out to help the dog. He first dried the dog with a towel and then carried it to his car. His good deed didn't stop until he took the dog to a vet's clinic.

The little dog didn't realize how lucky she was to be saved by the super nice Siwon. Siwon posted this photo and tweeted:

In the meantime, Siwon also didn't realize someone else had been noticing what he was doing. Siwon's kindness to the dog was captured in action by a passerby (or perhaps a paparazzi) who posted this video.

Siwon's dog rescue made TV news in Taiwan. Fans and dog lovers were all touched. Many also commented that Siwon has been very friendly and approachable and never denied a fan's request to shake hands.

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The new movie, To The Fore, is about cycling, and Siwon plays a genius cyclist. He and his co-star, Chinese-Canadian actor Shawn Dou, have had to undergo intensive training in cycling in order to play their roles. Siwon recently took this photo of himself and Shawn in cycling outfits.

Previously we reported that Siwon was to co-star in Jackie Chan's new movie, Dragon Blade. Siwon must have finished his part as he is currently filming To The Fore in Taiwan. This can only be doubly good news to his fans as we can expect to see Siwon in two upcoming films.