Super Junior's Siwon has had a fantastic year, so this military service news comes as a sad surprise to the fans. But hold on — it's not happening yet because he has to work on the new drama She Was Pretty first. Find out more details here.

When the military service news first raised its head, it was reported that Siwon would serve his mandatory military service later this year. 

As cited in the news, a broadcast insider said in late July, “Choi Siwon is preparing to enlist in the army during the second half of this year, although the exact time frame has not been decided yet. He has a healthy body and has always expressed his strong willingness to serve as an active duty soldier.” 

That sounded optimistically vague,

Then on August 6, it was reported that Siwon passed the test and was accepted to enter the conscripted police force to fulfill his military duty. The Military Affairs Bureau is expected to notify him of his official enlistment date within the next 30 days.

Okay, this military news sounds very concrete and firm now.

In the meantime, his agency confirmed that Siwon is joining the She Was pretty drama, co-starring  Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon from the hugely popular drama Kill Me, Heal Me. SM Entertainment also said Siwon will be ready to serve once filming is completed for the new TV drama.

The military service will top off a fantastic year for Siwon.

He just completed We Are In Love, the Chinese version of We Got Married, on July 18. His on-screen chemistry with international supermodel Liu Wen caused quite a stir. He sang a love song for her and gave her a couple's ring as a goodbye gift, calling their parting "not an ending." 

His bicycle racing movie To The Fore was finally released, and he's been busy promoting the movie with Chinese co-stars Eddie Peng (Sound of The Desert) and Shawn Dou. 

He and his Super Junior buddies just showed up at KCON 2015 in L.A.  They released a special 10th anniversary album, Devil, on July 16.

There are so many exciting things happening for Siwon.

Okay, so even though the news said he'll be enlisting by the end of the year. I'm going to keep my head in the sand like an ostrich and wait to believe it when it actually happens. I'd like to watch the To The Fore movie and especially the new romance comedy drama She Was Pretty.

She Was Pretty is slated to start in September after The Scholar Who Walks the Night

How do you feel about Siwon's military service news? 

Are you excited that he'll be a policeman?

Watch Siwon in Skip Beat:

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