superrookie_emailToday we uploaded all 20 episodes of Super Rookie, a charming and light-hearted comedy about the inner workings of corporate culture and the lives of four young rookie employees at a major company. Starring Eric Moon of former top Kpop group Shinhwa and star of hits such as Strongest Chil Woo and Que Sera Sera (both available on DramaFever), it pulled in ratings of over 20% upon its airing in 2005.

Kang Ho's (Eric's character) life is all play and no work. A street smart, carefree young man, he spends his days chasing women, reading comics, playing cards, and kickboxing. His jobs last just as long as his relationships - a couple of weeks at the most. But when a computer error and an employee mistake give him the chance to work at a prestigious company, Kang Ho decides that maybe it's time to step up and prove his parents and everyone who looks down on him wrong. Now, the man who's never done a real day of work in his life is out to show the corporate powers how it's done. Lee Me Ok (Han Ga In of Dr. Kkang which is also available on DramaFever), a spirited contract worker, Lee Bong-sam (Oh Ji Ho), a dedicated professional, and Seo Hyeon-a (Lee So Yeon), the privileged daughter of a wealthy family, co-star as Kang Ho's fellow "rookie" employees.

Breezy and fun, Super Rookie is a highly enjoyable comedy about a young man determined to shake things up in the stuffy corporate world.

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