This recreation of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away is so good that you have to stare at the pictures for a while to tell them apart from the original. Spirited Away super fan Alan Becker has spent years recreating the popular animated film in Minecraft, and the results are immaculate. With some help from a group of friends, Becker was able to meticulously recreate buildings and landscapes almost exactly from the movie.

Becker used screenshots to construct the world from the Miyazaki film, and the results are intricate detailing and vivid coloring that truly astound. Many of the notable buildings from the movie are in the recreation, including the pig farm and the luxurious bath house. In the clip, Becker takes us on a brief tour of his Spirited Away world.

Check out the photos from the recreation as compared to the original film:

The coloring is almost exactly spot on from the movie.

Nearly perfect model!