The Choo family wrapped up their city life and left Tokyo. The move to Hawaii was mainly for "Sarang's education, more family time, and a challenge for myself," according to Yano Shiho. Choo Sung Hoon and his daughter Sarang were the original cast members of Return of Superman.

Yano Shiho announced at a recent Elle Japan event that the family had relocated this spring. She also shared her move on Instagram, saying, “Thank you for your kind messages. 42 is a surprising number, but I’m enjoying my life as much as I did in my 20s and 30s. This is a new start here in Hawaii. I’ll keep you updated on my life overseas, Sarang, work and family.”

Choo Sung Hoon made an appearance on the tvN talk show ‘Monster’ last month. The loving father said she “graduated from kindergarten not too long ago. Sarang was thrilled, but I got teary. It was sad knowing I’ll probably no longer be able to drop her off every morning.”

When asked if he’d be okay with Sarang pursuing a career in TV, Choo Sung Hoon said, “She says she wants to become a police officer when she grows up, but she secretly wants to become an idol star. She practices singing by herself, and keeps it a secret from her parents,” adding that she’ll get “unconditional support” if she wants to do it.

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