Lee So Ra is one of the best known models in Korean history. She was also the host of Project Runway Korea. Surprisingly, Lee So Ra said on SBS's Healing Camp, that despite her fame and accomplishments today, the beginning of her career was rough. She previously tried out for Miss Korea twice and both times, she failed.

According to her interview:

“I prepared so much for an entire year for Miss Korea, but I didn’t make it. I didn’t pass the preliminary round of Seoul Miss Korea, so I tried out for Daejeon Miss Korea, but I didn’t pass the preliminary round again. It really hurt me. I was determined that I would never do another beauty contest, but one day, my friend’s sister gave me an application form for supermodel contest, and I tried out."
We’re glad she didn’t give up and made it up to where she is now. The photos below are from around the time of her first debut in 1992. leesora2