A Chinese online shopping site has a plastic pail made in Japan for sale that can supposedly cure all sorts of diseases.

They claim it can help with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer. These life threatening diseases can be cured just by touching a magical Japanese pail made out of plastic, according to Taobao, China's largest consumer to consumer online shopping mall. The pail sells on the site for 550 yuan, or about 90 dollars. The same pail in Japan, a nine liter garbage pail, sells for 3150 yen, which is three times less than what it sells for on the Chinese site. They both come with a sticker on the pail calling them "The Pail of Life." The Chinese version cures diseases. The Japanese ones can supposedly keep produce fresh and are smell-proof for raw garbage disposal.

The people who actually buy this magical pail are mostly middle-aged Chinese women, but they seem to be the exception. Most Chinese have expressed their disbelief on Twitter and other social media sites. One user wrote "Ignorance is bliss." Another wrote, "Just because something is imported doesn't mean anything!" Many were also disappointed in the deceivers who attempt to rip off innocent people. But there were others that were impressed. "Whoever thought of this scam is pretty darn smart!"

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What you're supposed to do with these magical pails once you buy them to cure your high blood pressure, I have no idea.