Guess who?! Popular medical drama Surgeons (Stories Behind OR) had a lot of openings to wrap up, but it still added an extra dose of impromptu fun in its happy ending. A Chinese leading man of superstar status came to visit his good friend Jin Dong during filming and was recruited for a cameo role. 

<Spoilers Alert> This scene occurs at the end of episode 44 in the captivating series.


Surgeons (Stories Behind OR) - 外科风云

Starring Jin Dong and Bai Bai He

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As our leading couple, Dr. Zhuang (Jin Dong) and Dr. Lu (Bai Bai He), are about to head out into the world as newlyweds, a new student shows up. The student apologizes for being late because he has been lost in the maze-like hospital complex. 

At first look, the student looks familiar. Look again:

It's Hu Ge, one of the biggest stars in China and the most admired leading man from the highly acclaimed Nirvana in Fire!.

He even said his name was Hu Ge (胡歌) in the scene!

The famous star came to visit Jin Dong, his good buddy, and agreed for a cute cameo appearance.

However, the cameo segment was likely filmed before Hu Ge left for the US to study. Recent photos of Hu Ge actually shocked the leading man's fans at home, because they showed a practically unrecognized star munching down fast food in an American eatery.

But fans also sighed in collective relief when they saw the newest photos that showed Hu Ge perfectly groomed in a brand new stylish look for a commercial shoot, for which his hair was dyed a cool shade of gray.

As for Hu Ge's cameo, it came about because of his close friendship with Jin Dong and Wang Kai. The three handsome actors filmed the famous Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser together. They are such close friends that they call each other brother. Sharp-eyed fans also noticed that Nirvana in Fire was showing on TV in one scene, and Wang Kai's Ode to Joy in another.

(From left to right in The Disguiser: Wang Kai, Jin Dong, Hu Ge.)

The latest word is that Hu Ge was so besieged by fans on campus that he's had to terminate his US study early. If that's true, American fans are missing out on seeing more of Hu Ge, but maybe we'll get more chance to see him on screen again. 

Will Hu Ge also cameo in Wang Kai's new drama Ode to Joy 2?


Ode to Joy 2 - 欢乐颂2

Starring Liu Tao and Jiang Xin

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If he cameos for Ode to Joy 2, he would also get to see Liu Tao, who played his fiancée Princess Ni Huang in Nirvana in Fire.

We can always hope! Maybe there'll be another surprise?

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