Sunny Wang (In Time With You) is famous for having a string of romances. The 32-year-old actor is a handsome real-life heir and successful entrepreneur. He met his most recent girlfriend on a Chinese reality show, and things were looking up so well for them that he even took her home to meet his parents. So the breakup news came as a surprise, even to reporters.

Sunny Wang rose to fame and even almost overshadowed Chen Bo Lin in the popular romance drama In Time With You, starring Ariel Lin. Sunny exuded strong magnetism on screen, especially when he disrobed and showed off his real tattoo, an unusually large and colorfully-designed spread for an Asian actor.

With the success of In Time With You, Sunny rose to be a leading man in high demand. Earlier this year, he starred on Perhaps Love, a Chinese reality show similar to the Korean We Got Married, where celebrities and stars are paired as couples. He was paired with lovely Chinese actress Zhang Li. Audience members were wondering whether their on-screen chemistry would translate into a real-life romance, and it did. They seemed like a couple deeply in love even after they left the show. In September, Sunny took her home to meet his parents in Taipei, Taiwan. Sunny's father liked Zhang Li very much and even said she made his son more mature. It really seemed that wedding bells would soon ring.

Watch Sunny Wang on In Time With You:

It was reported on December 19 in Chinese news, however, that when Sunny was asked by a reporter what his plan was with his girlfriend for Christmas, he answered curtly, "I don't have a girlfriend."

Even the reporter was surprised. When further asked, Sunny said there was no particular reason for the breakup, and he just wanted to focus on work for now. His agent eventually revealed that they broke up due to "cultural differences" without further explanations. 

The next day, Sunny posted these photos on his Weibo social-media account and wrote in English, "Don't look back at anger. I'm real, I'm not fake. I'm just me, I'm not perfect."

We'd like to extend our best wishes for Sunny Wang and Zhang Li, and may they each find happiness in the future.

~ NancyZdramaland

photo credit:, Perhaps Love, In Time With You, weibo)