The popularity of My Love From Another Star has driven up sales of Korean fried chicken everywhere. You'd think KyoChon, one of Korean's biggest fried chicken chains, would get Jeon Ji Hyun or her favorite alien man, Kim Soo Hyun, to be the spokesperson for their delicacy, but nope! They have hired Lee Min Ho to be the star for their new commercial. So...why?

The reason is easy, according to KyoChon. They acknowledge Lee Min Ho's superstar status and broad appeal in major and growing markets like China, and think he is the right choice.

For the making of the commercial, it was reported that KyoChon prepared 230 pieces of fried chicken and delivered them to the studio where Lee Min Ho was filming to give a treat to Lee and all the staff members. It was also reported that Lee ate the chicken with gusto and great facial expressions in the commercial.

Does anyone wonder if he had beer to go with the fried chicken?