Taiwanese romcom Bromance has become not only a huge hit in Taiwan but also one of DramaFever's Top 10 leaders. You'll also be surprised by these unusual facts about the leading actors in Bromance, especially Baron Chen.

1.  Baron Chen plays Zi Feng, a gangster's son who is changing the family business to legitimate enterprises. Incredibly, Baron's own father was a real-life gangster leader of the infamous United Bamboo Gang and was nicknamed the "Taiwanese Godfather" who committed serious crimes and was imprisoned several times during his lifetime. Baron is the oldest son and grew up with his grandparents after his parents separated. He declined inheriting his father's wealth and legacy after his father died and chose to make his own name in acting to create his own future.

(Photo from the funeral of Baron's father:)

2. Bii (Bi Shu-Jin) plays Zi Feng's good friend Qing Yang. In real life, he was born in South Korea to a Korean mother and a Taiwanese father. He was not allowed to have Korean citizenship because the Korean law at that time did not allow female Korean citizens to transmit their nationality to their children. As a result, he (and his brother) grew up without an identity card or national health insurance, and he even had to pay higher tuition. He eventually moved to Taiwan, where he has become a popular singer and songwriter. The name "Bii" stands for "Be I, I", indicating his dual personas. In 2011, Bii became a citizen of the Republic of China (aka Taiwan) and completed the mandatory military service.

Here's Bii's Qing Yang singing a gentle tune in Bromance episode 15:

3. Edison Wang (王家梁) plays the villainous antagonist in Bromance. He was solidly beaten by Megan Lai's character in a round of martial arts. In real life, Edison has a stunningly muscular body to wow and has even written a book on fitness, Get Fit, Get Stronger! (If you ask me, I'd rather see the real person than picking up a book, but it could be a great gift for the significant guy in your life to shape up.) Let's hope we'll see more of Edison in other dramas.

4. Megan Lai plays Ya Nuo, the cute guy who is really a she. Coincidentally, Megan even attended the same high school as her romantic leading man Baron Chen. She started out as a model and then got her acting debut playing in the supporting cast of Meteor Garden II, sequel to the wildly popular Meteor Garden, the Taiwanese live-action adaptation of the Japanese manage Hana Yori Dango. Megan also has a Master's degree in product design and management. She won a Best Actress award in Taiwan for Bromance.

Have you watched Bromance? it's the perfect time to start as the cute T-drama is heading to its fun conclusion next Monday.


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