The sight of people walking or sitting at restaurants with their noses in their smartphones is something we've all become accustomed to. But a recent survey's results on the average mobile phone use per day of Japanese high school boys and girls will probably shock you.

Japanese teenagers love their mobile phones, as all teenagers do, but they may have the rest of the world beat in terms of average time spent on their devices. A recent survey by security firm Digital Arts has found that a typical Japanese high school girl spends, on average, seven hours a day on her mobile phone, with a little over 10% of those girls saying that they spent at least 15 hours a day on theirs. Like in some other places around the world, the social lives of most Japanese teenagers are centered around their mobile devices, as they communicate through texting, Instagram, and popular messaging apps like LINE. The boys, however, seem to average only about four hours a day, which is still plenty of time to be on your phone. 96% of all high school students surveyed said they owned a mobile phone, compared to only 60% of junior high students. 40% of kids over the age of 10 have their own phones as well, which means 60% of them don't, and that has to be a good thing. 

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Mobile phones and the activities associated with them have been proven to be addicting, and for  young, developing minds, there's so much more the world has to offer than what takes place on the little screens in their hands.

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