Can't decide whether to eat a juicy burger or sushi for dinner? At super-popular sushi chain Sushiro in Japan, you can now satisfy both cravings at the same time, with the restaurant's new sushi burger! The unique menu item comes complete with two buns, vinegar rice, shiso, and cured mackerel, with a dab of wasabi-mayo. The reviews are already coming in, and as expected, they're not exactly raving. 

Sushiro is one of Japan's most popular sushi chains, where people of all ages go to eat delicious sushi served on a conveyer belt. Besides the freshness of the fish, and the always-appreciated low price of 120 yen (about one dollar) per two pieces of any sushi, the restaurant is known for its often non-conventional special menu items. One of their most popular items are a plate of french fries, which some diners swear to be some of the best you can get in Japan. But this time, Sushiro may have gone a bit too far, with the creation of the already not-so-well-received mackerel sushi burger. Sure, it sounds fun on the surface, but looking at photos and reading reviews, it's pretty obvious that the restaurant messed up the order on this one. 

First of all, there's sushi rice inside the burger! Who wants to eat bread and rice at the same time? I'm sure not everyone is carb-conscious, but that does seem like a but much for anyone. And the wasabi-mayo, shiso, and mackerel just doesn't sound appetizing. One Twitter user uploaded a photo of his burger with one simple caption — It's gross!

Despite the mackerel burger, Sushiro is definitely a place to hit up if you're ever in Japan and want to eat some good sushi for cheap. By far, it'll be the best dollar sushi you'll ever have in your life. 


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