Here in the United States, you can pretty much sue anybody for anything. It's an American pastime--suing others for monetary gain. People do it because often times, it works. On the other hand, filing frivolous lawsuits is unheard of in a country like Japan, where group harmony is deeply engrained in the culture. Let me rephrase that. It USED TO BE unheard of. Until now.

Earlier this week, a 37-year-old sushi chef in Tokyo with a history of depression sued his employer for the amount of over 2 million yen, about 20,000 USD, for making his depression worse. Now, that alone doesn't sound too crazy, but wait till you hear his claims. Because he had to make sushi, sometimes for 14 hours a day, his depression came back. The repetitive actions of putting slices of tuna and squid on rice over and over again brought him down, and now that he's not happy again, he wants to get paid for his emotional trauma. His claim is basically, "My job depressed me."

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If I find out this guy gets any cash out of this, that's gonna depress me (cuz I have to work for my money), and I'm gonna go to Japan and sue him.