Tempura cooked on anything tastes pretty much incredible but just maybe not scissors. A pair of employees at the popular sushi chain Hama Sushi in Japan recently posted photos of a pair of tempura-laced scissors on a pile of rice.

Hama Sushi said that on September 24, the workers grabbed a pair of scissors, covered them in tempura batter, and deep fried them. Once the photos were posted on Twitter, the employees immediately experienced a ton of backlash from netizens and customers of the sushi restaurant.

In response to the incident, some netizens posted on Twitter: 

"It’s been said many times already but these are idiots."

"Those young fools don’t have even the slightest notion that anyone can see Twitter."

"They should have made them eat it."

The employees have not been permitted to go back to work at the eatery. 

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