Did the twitter account of Super Junior's Donghae get hacked? Haehyuk's fan blog posted screenshots of Donghae's activity on their tumblr. Fans noticed that Donghae's tweets did not seem like his so they watched his activity and adamantly called out that his account had been hacked: The interaction between Donghae's hacker and @INAcrissnators (not the hackers) that confirmed that it really could not be Donghae updating so quickly: Updated: It turns out that the two Indonesian hackers did hack Donghae's account. They were fans of both Super Junior and Chrissy Costanza. But everything seems to be sorted out now, as the tweets have been deleted off his twitter. The real Chrissy Costanza tweeted an apology, confirming that Donghae's twitter had been hacked: Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 2.19.52 PM Eunhyuk was hacked, Heechul left twitter because he was hacked too, and now Donghae. Will hackers ever learn that their bad behavior is only jeopardizing the social presence of the groups and stars they are fans of?