Quitting is not in Suzy Bae's vocabulary! Today, the Big actress attended the premiere of her new historical film Dorihwaga (aka The Sound of a Flower). During the event, she and the director mentioned one scene in particular where the Miss A member worked so hard she got sick afterward.

"I suffered for a few days. There's another water scene, but it was edited out so you won't be able to see it. I got extremely sick after that." 

The director of the film, Lee Jong Pil, elaborated even more about the incident: "She filmed wearing only a thin hanbok. All the staff members around me told me to stop, but Suzy's tough. Most actresses would've said they want to stop... I'm thankful to her."

That is extreme dedication! Suzy proves she is not only a hard worker but so respectful of the filming schedule. She put the entire production team before herself. Of course, the 21-year-old idol worked a little too hard and should have slowed down just a bit for her own health. 

Her movie Dorihwaga is based on the real life story of Shin Jae Hyo and Chae Sun. The film depicts a pansori teacher risking his life and his female student's life by teaching her the art of traditional Korean musical storytelling that is forbidden to women. Their goal is give her the opportunity to compete in the royal pansori competition. Dorihwaga premieres in South Korean theaters on November 25. 

What do you think about Suzy's impressive work ethic? 

Watch Suzy in the popular fantasy series Gu Family Book:

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