Suzy Bae is the ELLE Korea cover girl for October! The Miss A member is the youngest celebrity to ever grace the fashion magazine's cover, and Suzy did it with such maturity and charm that she impressed everyone on set. Her playfulness before the cameras started rolling and immediate charm during the shoot made her an absolute winner. 

For the photo shoot, the ELLE Korea team decided to use a mansion in Rome that is rich with family history as the backdrop. The Big actress wore a variety of light and dark colors and long flowing dresses fit for a Roman goddess in the pictorial. 

You can see Suzy on the cover of ELLE Korea's October issue, which hits stores on September 20. 

She recently finished filming the movie The Hymn, where her character is in the the middle of a love triangle between veteran stars Ryoo Seung Ryong and Kim Nam Gil. Of course, she is also cast to star alongside her boyfriend's Heirs buddy Kim Woo Bin in the upcoming 2016 series tentatively titled Indiscreetly Fondly. Suzy is one busy girl with films, dramas, photo shoots, Miss A, and more! I'm surprised she still has time for advertisement shoots and sweet dates with Lee Min Ho. 

Will you be checking out the October issue to support this hardworking lady? 

Watch the incredible true story of Niijima Yae, a skilled markswoman who earned the nickname “Bakumatsu Joan of Arc” for her heroism during the Bohin War, in Yae’s Sakura:

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