Before Suzy had a secret date with Lee Min Ho in London, she was there for a pictorial for Cosmopolitan. A sneak-peak photo was included in this article. Now we see 7 more photos where the beautiful singer-actress of Miss A takes us on a tour of East London.

Beautiful Suzy has an amazingly versatile range in presenting visual images at different locales. Here in the streets of East London, Suzy radiated the refreshing look of an independent modern woman against the backdrop of aged buildings and brick walls covered in graffitti, 

Suzy said during the photoshoot, "East London is full of artistic energy. I want to roam around on a leisurely walk. I’d like to stroll around and look around here and there." It would seem Suzy brought a new energy to East London.

The complete pictorial will be published in Cosmopolitan's April edition. Do you think Lee Min Ho will pick up a copy? To see more of Suzy, check out her drama Gu Family Book:

~ NancyZdramaland