Korea has its fair share of superstar female actors, but right now, there's one female who's considered to be the hottest of them all. According to industry insiders, fans, and the general public, the one starlet that seems to have everyone enamored of her is none other than Suzy, who right now is at the top of her game. Read on to find out why the 22-year-old is at the top of everyone's list . . .

Despite being only 22 years old, Suzy is a veteran in the Korean entertainment industry, but it's right now that she's really coming into her own. Having made her singing debut in 2010 with MissA, the multitalented beauty then appeared on her first Kdrama, Dream High, which won her Best New Actress at the 2011 KBS Drama Awards. Since then, her career has gone nowhere but up, as she's now established herself as one of Korea's biggest stars. She is the first female Korean celebrity to get a wax figure at Madame Tussauds and the first to reach one million Twitter followers. She's won at and hosted numerous awards shows. Not only does she have a number of hit songs under her belt, she's starred in popular dramas and movies, where she's captivated audiences around the world. 

And currently, Suzy is said to be the most in-demand actress in Korea, which is not a bad place to be when you're only 22 years old. First off, the screenwriters who write the movies are in love with her. Writers create the stories and characters that captivate audiences, and it seems as though Suzy is who they want to portray the protagonist. Because she's so popular, she's had to turn down numerous offers, including ones for the theatrical release of Cheese in the Trap, The Girl Who Sees Smells, and more. She's also who directors want on board once they read screenplays or even write their own. Some of Korea's most popular film directors, guys like Ryu Seung Wan and Hur Jin Ho, are always wanting to cast her in their projects. 

And of course, the all-important actors are waiting in line to work with her, too. Lee Je HoonSeo Kang JoonYeo Jin Goo, and others have all publicly acknowledged their admiration for Suzy and proclaimed their desire to be in movies with her. Besides wanting to play opposite a beautiful actress, there's another reason actors want to be cast alongside her — whatever it is, whether a drama or movie, audiences tune in when Suzy's involved. Ratings skyrocket, and seats at the theater get filled. In short, everything she touches turns to gold.

With her much-anticipated drama While You Were Sleeping scheduled to premiere in just three more months, there's no doubt that Korea's hottest actress will be even more in demand once 2018 rolls around. 

Bae Su Ji

With Lee Jong Suk for While You Were Sleeping


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