suzy_gufamilybook Suzy's undeniable smile and lovable poses in her Dam Yeo Wool outfit on the set of Gu Family Book is captured in the pic-stitched photo above. The still-cuts have attracted viewers as she poses in a different image from the stern and intimidating Dam Yeo Wool image in the drama. Whether the camera was on or off, Suzy acted as a refreshing energizer for the weary staff members and actors of the drama. One staff member commented, "Suzy is doing excellent in portraying the warmhearted and loyal tomboy, Dam Yeo Wool. On the set, she is always full of smiles and joy, brightening up the atmosphere. She helps to instill energy with her adorable charms to the restless staff members." What are some of your favorite Suzy moments in Gu Family Book? Tell us below! (Source: TvDaily)