On a recent episode of "Off the Rec. Suzy," Bae Su Ji (better known simply as Suzy) confessed that a fortunate teller had revealed to her that the ideal age for her to tie the knot would be the year she turned 31. While this time frame leaves some room before we are able to see Suzy in her actual wedding dress -- she is currently 22 years old-- fans were given a sneak peek at what she might just look like on her future wedding day as she posed for Didier Doubt's new wedding collection. The jewelry and dress was without a doubt beautiful, but Suzy was absolutely stunning. Make sure not to miss this chance to take a look!

Today French jewelry brand Didier Doubt released its latest wedding jewelry collection ‘Mariage’ featuring singer/actress Suzy as it’s model.

The theme of the shoot was ‘Le Plus Beau Moment de ma Vie’, which means, ‘The most beautiful moment of my life’. And while the shoot might have been an imaginary moment, Suzy was truly beautiful as she showed off ia beautiful wedding gown and stunning jewelry.

While we wait for her true wedding day, we can only imagine that she will be even more beautiful when true love is in the air!

What did you think of Suzy's wedding look? Let us know below. 


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