Although Suzy just turned down a movie offer, a brand new offer from China may be too interesting to turn down. The Chinese leading man for the new movie rose to fame when he starred in a Boys Over Flowers remake. Find out more about Zhang Han and the unusual movie plot.

Chinese hunk Zhang Han (aka Hans Zhang) played the leader of F4 (Lee Min Ho's role) in the Chinese remake of Boys Over Flowers, not once but twice. The dramas, Let's Watch the Meteor Shower (2009) and Let's Watch the Meteor Shower Again (2010), sounded like more of a remake of the original Taiwanese BOF, Meteor Garden, but the story and the characters' names are all different from both the Taiwanese and the Korean versions. 

(Zhang Han is 2nd from the right.)

What is indisputable is that Zhang Han is a popular and handsome actor. He has averaged 2 to 3 projects including dramas and movies every year ever since he shined brightly in both Meteor Showers. He can sing too.

In the new movie, he would travel back in time to the Ming dynasty and become an imperial body guard for the Emperor Yong Le. The Chinese title for the movie is 錦衣夜行, and I'll tentatively translate it as "Night Watch of the Imperial Guard."

Although Suzy's agency, JYP Entertainment, has confirmed that the offer is on the table, there is no revelation on what role Suzy's offer is for. We know she looks great in a historical. Will she play a Ming princess or a female martial artist? I can see all sorts of possible characters and the requisite romance with the leading man.

(Here's Suzy from Gu Family Book and Zhang Han from another Chinese historical drama. They look good together.)

Her very famous boyfriend Lee Min Ho also has not decided on a project for this year. Last we heard, he received an offer from a movie backed by internationally famous Chinese actress, Zhang Ziyi. 

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