Idol-actress Suzy of K-pop girl group Miss A has been offered the female lead role in the webtoon-based drama Cheese in the Trap, starring Park Hae Jin. Her fans are excited, but there are also those who disagree with the casting. How so?

The original Cheese in the Trap webtoon series, created by Soon Ki, tells the story of love and conflicts between university student Hong Seol and her boyfriend, Yoo Jung, who is known as Mr. Perfect. There is also a love triangle. The athletic Yoo Jung is good looking, gets good grades, and has a nice personality, but he has a dark side.

In May, it was announced that Park Hae Jin accepted the lead role for Cheese in the Trap. Fans of the webtoon drama have long wished for Park as they consider it a perfect match for him to play Yoo Jung. Since then, we haven't heard any more about the casting for other roles. That is, until now.

According to JYP Entertainment, Suzy has received the offer and is considering the female lead role of Hong Seol. 

If Suzy accepts the offer, it will be her first drama since the 2013's Gu Family Book, with the exception of a cameo appearance on My Love From Another Star.

No final decision has been made or announced. However, there is already some discussion about Suzy's casting. Reportedly, some fans from Cheese In the Trap's loyal fanbase do not view Suzy as a good match, while others are excited about the popular Miss A singer.

I like Suzy and I'm also a fan of her famous boyfriend, Lee Min Ho. I became a strong Park Hae Jin fan ever since My Love Another The Star and Doctor Stranger, so I'll definitely watch anything he's in. Cheese In the Trap reportedly will air in October.

What do you think about Suzy's casting? 

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