Kpop and K-drama star Suzy (Bae Su Ji) has been busy with her singing and acting career. After completing Uncontrollably Fond, she recently started a reality program, "Off the Record, Suzy," on which she answers some inquisitive questions, including her dating life with her famous boyfriend, Hallyu star Lee Min Ho. Guess who they even go on double dates with?

The program debuted on January 15 and is geared around Suzy as the camera follows her in her daily routines. Suzy is very open to fun conversations but is also politely guarded when it comes to questions that are too personal. Therefore, although Lee Min Ho's name wasn't specifically mentioned, when she answered about how often she goes on dates, we don't need to be reminded who her boyfriend is. 

On the other hand, there is definitely a lot of curiosity because the two stars are rarely seen together in public ever since they were caught by paparazzi and forced to reveal their dating relationship in March 2015.

(The dating question comes near the end in this clip.)

Do you think she answered precisely how often? 

Would you agree with the interviewer that it's at least once a month?

Another interesting revelation, according to a separate report, is that she and Lee Min Ho would sometimes go on double dates with Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah.

It is definitely a reminder that acting is a job, and stars are just like normal people who seek real love in their life. Although Suzy and Kim Woo Bin played lovers in Uncontrollably Fond, in real life, Kim Woo Bin is dating Shin Min Ah, who is now starring in the time-travel mystery romance, Tomorrow With You, with leading man Lee Je Hoon


Tomorrow With You

Starring Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon

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Something else that Suzy revealed on her unique program is when she may get married. 

She said that a fortuneteller told her she would be married at 31. (You can read more about episode 7 HERE.)

Wow, that's a long time to wait, but for the 22-year-old star whose career is on the up and up, it's probably a good idea to focus on her career first and to enjoy dating more before settling down. In the meantime, Lee Min Ho is set to go on his military duty sometime soon this year.

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