Beneath all the fame, glam, and glory, celebrities are human just like us. Even with all the great perks of the job they also face hardships and decisions that life throws at us. Well...its time for some straight talk! Recently on her show 'Off the Rec. Suzy', actress/singer Bae Su Ji (Suzy) opened up about some of the hardest things she has had to face as a celebrity and among them was the question of whether or not she would want to remain in the industry after getting married! Want to know what she said? Keep reading to onto find out!

On a recent episode of her show 'Off the Rec. Suzy', the beloved actress/singer spent the whole day with her best friend Kim Ga Yeon.

After enjoying a long day out, Suzy and Kim Ga Yeon went back to Suzy's place to enjoy some soju, snacks, and some serious conversation.

The conversation that followed was both insightful and candid.

Ga Yeon: “Do you regret debuting so early?” 

Suzy: “There are a few things I get sad about. There’s the saying ‘skipping over your childhood is the scariest’, and I think it’s so true. If you say I’m successful for starting so early, then I guess that’s true, too. I’ve received a lot of love and support, but it’s not like I can just quit now. There are more things to work on, but I’m scared I’m going to tire out too soon. There are so many things I have to worry about and I have so much to lose. So this job has become so scary for me. I can’t even take a photo with someone without having to worry about whether the public will think I’m showing off or overdoing it. But it’s so hard to satisfy everyone. So I just think, it’s not really worth doing anything that can be talked about… Because it just drains me.”

Ga Yeon: "It’s really good that you’re being careful, and I know that responsibility comes with your occupation, but you’re always on your phone and scrolling through comments."

Suzy: "Yeah. There are times where I’m just scrolling through comments for hours on end, reading them."

Ga Yeon: "I think there’s no point in reading those if it’s hurting you. You need to stop looking at your phone so much, you read it so much I feel like your body feeds off electromagnetic waves."

However, the conversation came to a climax when Ga Yeon asked a rather direct and serious question following up on Suzy's confession (on a previous episode) that a fortune teller had told her that the best time for her to get married would be the year she turned 31.

Ga Yeon:"Let’s say you got married at the age of 31. Do you think you’ll be doing the same job?"

After some thought Suzy answered seriously, "Regardless of whether I get married or not, I don’t know when I’ll be doing this until. There’s no certainty in this field, I mean we’re not even sure about what’s going to happen tomorrow."

What do you think about Suzy's answer? Would you choose that kind of life for yourself? Let us know below! 


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