suzy Idol singer and actress Suzy is reported to have shed tears during a recent press conference for the highly noted drama, Gu Family Book, while talking about the buzz regarding her million-dollar commercial deal. She commented, "Thank you so much. As I shoot more and more commercials, my responsibilties grow. I'm careful about it." When Suzy could no longer continue, Lee Seung Gi stepped in and commented, "When you shoot a lot of commercials, theres always a so-and-so's life. Suzy is going to have one too. The thing about Suzy that makes me pity her is that when she has a free day, she spends it on shooting commercials. I don't think she has any free time." As a veteran at shooting commercials, he also cleared up that a million dollars is not actually million dollars in profit. In the midst of Lee Seung Gi's talk was when Suzy had started to shed tears, flustered and overwhelemed. Articles had sprung up showing pity for her stressful schedule. (Source: Nate)