Suzy This morning, following the finale of Gu Family Book, Suzy posted on her Twitter page, “I would like to thank everyone who viewed and loved Gu Family Book, and also to those who cheered for Yeo Wool. Thank you so much.” She continued, “I will not forget the staff members who sweated and all worked so hard, director, writer, actors, Ho Jun oppa, Ha Eun unnie, Hee Sun unnie,” and sent out her hearts to the staff. Suzy gave a fantastic performance, playing the role of Dam Yeo Wool, who has an upbeat and cool personality, and does not bear any grudges. Suzy was able to naturally take on the role of the once optimistic Yeo Wool, who meets Gang Chi and progresses into a more mature woman, becoming a huge hit among fans and casual viewers of the show alike. (source: nate news, twitter, osen)