If you just can't get enough of Miss A member and actress Bae Suzy, you are in luck! The talented star will be releasing her first photo book next month titled suzy?suzy.

However, Suzy's photo book is more than just a collection of photos of the beautiful star; Suzy reportedly had a hand in personally planning and editing the photos as well as designing the photo concepts and choosing outfits for the shoots! The book project took a total of eight months to prepare and Suzy was very hands on throughout. A representative of JYP Entertainment stated, "The photo album will also include phrases of Suzy that come from the bottom of her heart."

There will be two versions of the photo book with different cover photos, but the photos contained inside will be the same for both versions. Cover A features Suzy squatting on top of a TV wearing animal ears and surrounded by palm trees (see below), and Cover B shows Suzy in an adorable pink skirt and pouting for the camera.

See more photos from suzy?suzy. below!

While preparing for the book release, Suzy is also promoting her film Dorihwhaga, which will be released in Korea on November 25th as well as working on her highly anticipated 2016 drama Uncontrollably Fond opposite Kim Woo Bin and Im Ju Hwan.

The photo album will be released in November and will be sold through Korean online retailers Yes24.com and Interpark.

Would you order Suzy's photo book? What other stars do you think should release photo books? Comment below!

Watch Suzy in Gu Family Book: