Suzy Bae won't be a cat on the silver screen! The Miss A beauty turned down an opportunity to be in the movie Kitty because she is dedicated to her girls. With the late March release of Miss A's Colors, Suzy is in the midst of intense promotional activities for the new chart-topping album. Her agency, JYP Entertainment, recently confirmed her current career decision to the media.  

"Suzy has decided not take a role on the movie Kitty because of schedule conflicts. Miss A just recently released their album, so she declined her role to focus on her singing activities."

The JYP Entertainment and Lotte Entertainment co-produced film Kitty is about a cat that turns into a human and falls in love. Suzy would have taken on the role as the cat.

Do you think Suzy made the right decision? Will you miss her in the upcoming flick Kitty?

See Suzy in the fun musical drama Dream High:

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