Netizens can't seem to get enough of Bae Suzy's new tunes!

The Uncontrollably Fond actress' solo music career is mirroring her Miss A and CF success. After releasing her debut solo song "Pretend" at midnight, the hot track quickly rose to the number one spot on the Melon chart, as well as, other South Korean music charts like Mnet and Genie. In fact, the 22 year-old star had no problem ranking number one on all the Korean real-time music charts shortly after "Pretend" hit online stores! Fans were able to preview the melancholy song, which is about seemingly cheerful people hiding their inner pain, on 1theK's YouTube Channel yesterday. 

Listen to Suzy pour her heart out to K-Pop fans below:  

Her boss, Park Jin Young, couldn't help but sing her praises via Instagram when he learned about her first single's success. "Suzy knows exactly what she wants to do when it comes to music, photos, design, music videos, and fashion. What's special though is that she knows how to take advice and listen to her labelmates. I sincerely congratulate you, and I'm proud of you, Suzy. I'll call you this carefully. You music chart gangster," the Dream High star wrote.

Congratulations! Suzy's got it, and we can't wait until her first EP Yes? No? drops in stores on January 24. The sexy idol has been delighting us with her mystifying voice and dance moves since her debut with Miss A in 2010. We're excited to see the next chapter in her music career.

What do you think of Suzy's new single "Pretend"?

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Sources: Via Via/ Image Credit: JYP Entertainment