Lee Min Ho, don't look! Here are 5 kiss scenes where Suzy kissed hotties in the dramas in which she has starred. The 20-year old beauty and talented singer-actress has already starred in three TV series and one movie. We have videos of the kiss scenes, plus a bonus behind-the-scene one where it took more than 20 tries to get it right.

All of these wonderful shows are available on DramaFever. 

1. Architecture 101 movie — Lee Je Hoon

Suzy played young Seo Yeon, who was Lee Je Hoon's first love.

Dream High has become a classic in the musical drama genre with a compelling story of 6 high school students aiming to excel in the music world. Suzy got to kiss both Ok Taec Yeon and Kim Soo Hyun.

2. Ok Taec Yeon: Their Ferris Wheel kiss was truly memorable, and guess who saw it?

3. Kim Soo Hyun: Their farewell bus kiss accompanied by the emotional song was touching and made the tears flow.

Kim Soo Hyun's character was so unique that the story was changed to let him get the girl. You can tell why by their special kiss.

4. Gong Yoo - Big

In a twist of fate, a high school student woke up and realized he was living in Gong Yoo's body. In this scene, Suzy realized who Gong Yoo really was.

BONUS: The behind-the-scene video is actually even better because it took more than 20 tries for them to get it right.

Among people who saw the behind-the-scenes video, some were jealous of Gong Yoo, while others were jealous of Suzy.

5. Lee Seung GiGu Family Book

They kiss more than once in the drama, and this is a very nice once with its fantasy atmosphere.

Don't Suzy and Lee Seung Gi look cute together? They barely got a moment to breathe in this long kiss.

I would say I love the Dream High kisses the most. Which scene is your favorite?

~ NancyZdramaland