Six years after their hit drama All In, the writer and producer of the now-classic Kdrama reunited to create another powerhouse drama. Often spoken of as "All In 2", Swallow the Sun boasts the same dark intensity, psychological complexity, and unparalleled romance as the first. Like the first, it is led by a cast of Korea's top stars. Ji Sung, secondary lead of All In and hugely popular for his roles in Save the Last Dance for Me and New Heart, is the tormented hero, while Sung Yuri (One Fine Day, Hong Gil Dong) is the passionate, independent woman he falls for. With production settings in Las Vegas and Jeju Island, it is also the first Korean drama to be filmed in Africa, as well as the first to film on the set of famed circus production Cirque du Soleil. It broke many production boundaries in its quest to bring the Kang Chul-Hwa novel vividly to life. Jung Woo (played by Ji Sung), abandoned at an orphanage as a child, grows up on the rough side of the streets, and becomes a gangster and small-time hoodlum. When he saves the life of the rich and powerful president of a large corporation, it becomes his ticket to a better life. As one of the chairman's underlings, he is sent by the chairman to Seoul to look after the chairman's son Tae Hyuk (Lee Wan). Tae Hyuk, before accepting him however, wants exactly one thing from him - for him to help him win the heart of a woman named Soo Hyun. In order to win Tae Hyuk's acceptance, Jung Woo will have to persuade her to favor his master by whatever means necessary. Unfortunately, however, Soo Hyun turns out to be the girl Jung Woo fell madly in love with as a child and has never forgotten since. Soo Hyuk, who doesn't remember Jung Woo, finds herself gradually drawn to him as he pursues her in his master's name. When Jung Woo learns the devastating truth of his father's identity, however, he turns into a self-destructive mess, and, taking the blame for a crime which Tae Hyuk committed, goes to prison. From there, he will embark on a journey of love and revenge which will take him from the lights and glitter of Vegas to the rebel-torn deserts and diamond mines of Africa. He will seek power by whatever means necessary to bring down chairman Jang and his son... Watch SWALLOW THE SUN on DramaFever!