As usual Japan has gained points on the “Awesome Scale” by creating super amazing Anime inspired cakes. Remember when you were younger and loved getting overly decorated birthday cakes with your favorite character? Well who said that all needed to stop at a certain age?! After viewing these cakes you most certainly will want a decorated character cake for your next celebration!

10. Totoro

I love this so much! It's like a fat rabbit thing passed out on a cake drunk off of strawberries ^_^

9. Sailor Moon

"Fighting evil by moonlighttttt!"

8. Dragon Quest

I know nothing about Dragon Quest sooo to me this just looks like two colorful Hershey's Kisses on a cake *shrug*

7. Naruto

"RAWR!!" EAT THE FRUIT NOW!!" I dunno, the placement of the fruit and then his face, I feel like he's yelling at me to eat the fruit. (-_-)

6. One Piece

So many happy strawberries! I'd be freakin happy too if I was sitting on a thick layer of delicious frosting!

5. One Piece

What a cute wedding cake! I hope someone brings me a cool cake like this the day I marry an Idol or actor. (-_-) #JustLetMeBelieveInThis

4. Totoro

O.M.G this is like a work of art! This is the kind of stuff you see in those Food Network challenges!

3. Ghibli World

Another wedding cake! I really like this one because honestly, I like anything with layers of frosting as long as it's not that hard frosting stuff. That garbage looks pretty but it tastes so bitter.

2. Rilakkuma

Is this cute bear made out of chocolate mousse?! That would be magical!

1. Hatsune Miku

This is pretty awesome. I wonder if the hearts are sugar? I think the hearts are my favorite part of this cake actually.

Number 10 is my favorite because it cracks me up! Which awesome Anime cake is your favorite?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE