Halloween is coming! Are you ready to be someone else? I start this post with John Snow from ‘A Game Of Thrones’. Yes... He is not real John but looks perfect to be John with his white wol…f…dog. Korea doesn’t celebrate this scary holiday but it’s true that Halloween is getting popular in Korea. The culture of Halloween costume is attractive to many people. Kpop stars are no exception. I heard there was a Halloween party of SM Town on Oct28 and I saw some pictures that boast of synchro rate 100% with original characters. So I collected some photos of Kpop stars’ costume play. See how they look like and learn from Kpop stars to make your Halloween costume successful.

1. SHINee : Remember special gestures of your characters

Can you recognize who he is in cover image of this post? Don’t be surprised that Naruto is Jong-Hyun of Kpop boy band ‘SHINee’. They prepared their costumes for the Halloween party of SM town and their fan meeting.

How many characters do you know in these photos? Two of them are from Japanese Manga : Picolo from Dragon Ball and Naruto from Naruto. The other two are from American film : Freddy from Freddy’s Nightmare and Luke from Star Wars. Can you imagine that SHINee had their fan meeting with these funny costumes?

Yes. They did and even sang their sweet songs with these costumes. Tae-Min was supposed to be ‘Luke’ but he forgot to bring his costume from Japan and a light saber couldn’t be allowed by Korean airport. So he had to change his character to Marilyn Manson. Min-Ho wasn’t there. He is busy now because of the schedule for Kdrama Medical Top Team. Who do you think the best cosplayer? I like Onew’s Freddy and Key’s Picolo. However, to be successful with your costume, you should remember special gestures of your character as Jong-Hyun and Key did. Key was gathering energy by using his hands in many pictures and it makes me laugh.

2.Super Junior : Don’t be shy, be a shameless person.

If you are a big fan of Kpop, you will know who Super Junior is. They are real entertainment Idols who know the ways to give big funs to their fans. This picture was taken in front of a number of people in airport. Look at their faces and poses filled with confidence and seriousness. All heroes form America, Japan, Northern Europe and China were in Super Junior.

3.TTS of SNSD : Using a point item to show your character.

Girl group’s costumes are in contrast with boy band’s. Boys concentrate on acting the part of character perfectly but girls complete their costumes with small items that can represent their characters. If you feel too much pressure to cosplay someone else, just use some accessories. TTS used headbands to express their characters. Tae-Yeon was wearing cat ears headband of Cat woman, Seo-Hyun had a red ribbon headband of princess Snow White, and Tiffany used rabbit ears of Bunny girl. They also wore costume clothes but these look okay on anybody.

4.2NE1 : Be with people who don’t care whatever your costume is.

I think Kpop stars' costplay is kind of an event for their fans. I didn’t mean that, there are only idol groups of SM Entertainment. Here is 2NE1’s costume. After finishing Inkigayo, They had their small fan meeting and were all wearing costumes such as School uniform, Nurse’s uniform, Bunny girl and princess Snow White for their fans. These 4 women are famous for their unique fashion sense, so it looks normal to me and even make me surprised about their girlish look. Their fans are always okay with whatever 2NE1 wears. And their confidence is not going anywhere because they respect each other’s individualities.