taran4 The management company of T-ara -- Core Contents Media --  is being criticized for its nasty attempts to manipulate the media in favor of its singers. Following T-ara N4’s U.S debut interview, a Sportsseoul.com reporter wrote a critical article about the girl group, “The U.S debut of T-ara N4 Went Without Applause.” One reporter then claimed that Core Contents Media “coached [us on] what to write and demanded us to delete it, saying that their CEO is upset about it. The next day, people from Core Contents Media came to our office and cursed at our reporters. What they did is ridiculous.” It’s common for entertainment management companies to express their complaints to reporters, however what Core Contents Media personnel did was unacceptable. Recently, for “somewhat” forgiving the teenager who hacked the company’s website, Core Contents Media presented itself as a generous, understanding management company. But I guess not so much anymore.