chrisbrown_tara Chris Brown did not want any problems to befall T-ara N4 as they touched down in the US on May 12th. To ensure this, he sent over eighteen bodyguards to safely escort the girls from the airport to the hotel. Chris Brown reportedly greeted the ladies warmly, smiling and telling them he'd been wanting to meet them. The ladies thanked the controversial rapper for his graciousness, saying, “Thank you for liking Countryside Diaries so much that you would invite us to the United States. Thank you for providing a limousine upon our arrival in the U.S., we sincerely appreciate your hospitality.” T-ara N4 also gave Brown a traditional Korean ceramic vase as a gift, saying, “We weren’t sure what kind of gift to give him, but we thought a beautiful traditional Korean vase would be appropriate in conveying Korea’s rich culture.” Chris Brown thanked them saying, “I didn’t know there were ceramic vases this beautiful."