T-ara Bunny Style T-ara has an agenda when it comes to Japan, and it involves winning back (and adding new) fans after a string of scandals that left a bad taste in the mouths of many. Besides the recent photobook and release of their new J-pop single "Bunny Style," the girls have signed on to star in a new Japanese reality show called Princess T-ara, set to debut in April. The girls are no stranger to reality shows, having appeared on: T-ara World, T-ara Dot Com, T-ara Hello Baby, T-ara Dream Girls, T-ara’s Pretty Boys, T-ara’s Star Life Theater, and the one-off TV special, T-ara Confession. How they find the time in the day to record music on top of all of this is beyond us. This marks their first venture into Japanese reality television, thus creating a large buzz from their fans. Are you excited for another T-ara reality show?